The Myers Way Episode 7: Clean Gut With Dr. Alejandro Junger

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The Myers Way Episode 7: Clean Gut With Dr. Alejandro Junger


Dr. Alejandro Junger

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Dr. Junger tell us about how you came to writing the book Clean Gut?

1. How do you define the gut?

2. Why do you call the gut the Achilles heel of your body?

3. What causes gut dysfunction?

4. Disease as survival mechanism (major diseases, discussed, depression, heart disease, allergies, autoimmune diseases),

  • What is the mechanism for depression?

  • What is the mechanism for autoimmune?

5. Tell us about Biofilms.  What are they and why are they important?

6. Let’s talk about the recent article in The New York Times.

The  Clean Gut Program

1. Is there a best probiotic?

2. Food allergies: can people go back to gluten and dairy or other toxic triggers?

3. LEt’s talk about the controversy surrounding S. Boulardii and prebiotics

4. Are all fermented foods good for us?

5. How does someone like vegan/ vegetarian heal the gut?

6. What do you eat Dr. Junger?



Clean Gut by Dr. Alejandro Junger


Click the book or here to order your copy of Clean Gut.

For more info about The Clean Program click here.


This was the first time we had a guest on The Myers Way Podcast — tell us what did you think?

Did you like us interviewing someone else?

How was the flow with 3 people on the podcast?


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  • Venessa Rodriguez

    Thank you for this podcast! Love you guys, and LOVE the Clean Gut book. Been a fan of Dr Junger for a while now and so glad this book is out! I’m a health coach in Chicago and have been helping my clients with gut health first, with great results. Education on this is so KEY – thank you for providing tools for the masses. ✌ ♫

    • john_r123

      Hi Venessa,

      Glad you enjoyed the podcast!- John

  • Dr. Amy Myers

    Thank you for your comment Venessa


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