The Myers Way Episode 5: Mycotoxins

The Myers Way Podcast


The Myers Way Episode 5: Mycotoxins

In this episode Dr. Myers will discuss everything she knows about toxic molds.  This is a great episode that will really blow your mind!


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The Story

What are mycotoxins?

You just came back from a conference on mycotoxins, any new interesting research you found?

How did you get interested in this area?

Are more people being affected by mycotoxins then before?


Patients Cases / Stories

What are some patient stories


How would someone identify if this might be an issue for them?

Typical symptoms of people with mycotoxin sensitivities?

What leads to mycotoxin sensitivities? (Why do some people respond and not others?)



How do you treat this?

Here’s the Glutathione I refer to in the podcast.

Here’s the website to the fogging solution and shampoos.  If you enter code ‘TX3′ you will get 15% off your order.



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  • Dave


  • Dave

    I was tearing walls out of our old house when I got violently ill. My stomach started gurgling real loud with intense stomach pain. I vomited profusely to the point of exhaustion, after which I suffered a severe anaphylactic reaction. My hands and feet turned red and itchy and it progressed up my arms and legs. I started shaking/shivering uncontrollably and was very confused and anxious. The Dr. gave me a shot of epi. and a shot of steroid, and a prescription for prednisone. He thought it might have been something I ate. A few days later, I went back to the project and suffered the same symptoms, except instead of vomiting, I had extreme diarrhea. Since then, I have suffered from extreme food, chemical, and odor (perfume) sensitivities; episodes of flushing; exercise induced anaphylaxis; diarrhea; strange colored bowel movements; burning lips; tingling tongue; and chemical taste in my mouth. We have abandoned our house and spent thousands on Drs. to no avail. Can you help?

    • Amy Myers, MD

      Dave it sounds like there was toxic mold in the house. Yes, I have worked with many patients with this exposure and helped to return them to health.

      • Dave

        Good! Thanks! How do I get set up for a consult/appointment?

        • Amy Myers, MD

          You can call our office to schedule an appointment. Our number is 512.383.5343

          • Dave

            Thank You!

          • Amy Myers, MD

            you’re welcome


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